Its Godney, Bitch

Have you accepted Britney as your Lord and Savior?


there’s a framed picture of britney spears at my grandpa’s house


there’s a framed picture of britney spears at my grandpa’s house


for every britney spears fan who is making “blake who?” jokes, go compare “britney jean” sales to “based on a true story” to see who is where on the present day relevancy map

Wanna talk sales, what about Net Worth?

Blake Shelton is the male Michelle Williams, they sing but nobody really takes any notice. 


Listening to Britney Spears in public:


Listening to Britney Spears at home:


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*20 years from now at a therapist*

"It all started when started working on Britney Jean"

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Monday, March 24, 2014 - Britney Spears arrives at LAX in Los Angeles, CA. Someone calls her a “has been,” shortly after someone told her she was “irrelevant.”

i’m so proud of her. they were trying so hard to get her to say something and perhaps have a *2007* moment cause lets be real all the media outlets want for her is to breakdown again and here she is just going about her day not giving a single flying fuck what anyone says cause she’s britney fucking spears and you can’t effect her because you’re irrelevant and mean nothing to her. she’s been through too much because of the media to actually be offended over being called “irrelevant” and “has been” because all she wants to be is irrelevant. so in her own head she probably thought to herself “finally”


Rumored American Horror Story: Freak Show opening theme song